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Besides the quality production of Gelatine, We also cater to quality-conscious customers.

Our management is fully aware of the advancements in the field of Gelatine production and other allied products. The production process remains updated with the latest procedures and machinery used in producing Gelatine. The use of the latest technology ensures quality products under the brand name of Raymon Gelatine throughout the world.

Management is very keen on maintaining and further improving the quality of Gelatine. This object is being achieved by following two ways going side by side: Advancement in technology. Developing the professional team in their respective field.

About Gelatine

Clinical Hematology Laboratory

GELATINEAn Unique Hydrocolloid

Gelatine is manufactured in facilities that maintain the highest standards for health and safety. It has unique properties like it melts at body temperature and forms thermoreversible gels.
Clinical Immunology Laboratory


Gelatine is the only natural gelling protein of commercial importance. It is capable of producing clear thermo-reversible gels when combined with water. In its gel form, it melts at body temperature
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory


Gelatin could be used as a vascular scaffold material. Due to similarities with collagen, its natural origin and low cost vascular, tissue engineers incline toward the selection of this polymer.

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Our state of the art of technology helps us to maintain the premium quality of our products.

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Providing the best price in the market while maintaining the international standards of quality.

Innovation Driven

Our gelatine is very efficient and we always thrive for new innovations in the field

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Our priority lies with our customers and we adhere to provide the best in the market.

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