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About the Company

As a first venture and the torchbearer company of the group was started in the year 1985 A design was created and it took shape in the form of Vivek roadways/Nidhi bulk carriers, transport companies.
With a modern – tech-equipped fleet of more than 60 tankers and 1 manager, 9 supervisors, 70 drivers, 50 conductors that are trained for excellence, we exercise our expertise in Chemical Transportation, Gas Transportation, and PTA.
Our in-house maintenance facilities with modern equipment along with a trained technical team allow us to take care of needs in a seamless manner. Our engines are always on the go to meet expectations and overcome challenges while assisting and taking your endeavors to the next destination.

Our Services.

Petroleum Chemical transportation

We have unparalleled expertise in the transportation of chemicals. We handle a wide range of hazardous chemical products. The product list includes a wide range of black oil products. Our highly capable fleet of tankers, coupled with responsible drivers and proactive operators ensures timely and extremely safe delivery of all consignments. Our fleet of tankers is equipped with the latest technology to facilitate live tracking, remote monitoring and route optimization.
We also specialized tankers whose inner surfaces are insulated with Rockwool and have a re-heating capability. This is especially useful for Bitumen and related products, which tend to freeze or become solid at room temperatures mainly during the winter season.

Our Highlights

All - size fleet

We have a highly capable fleet of over 60 tankers, serving nationally.

24x7 Support

Our team of prompt and responsible operators ensures full support.
Our team consists of go-getters, who are capable of solving all problems.


Our tankers are fully insured by leading insurance companies.

Highest Safety Standards

We follow the highest standard safety protocols throughout our process.

Cashless Toll Transactions

We follow cashless toll transaction process in our transportation routes.

Our Expertise

Vivek Roadways is a national player in the logistics industry, specific to chemical transportation. Our team of highly responsive, experienced and motivated professionals has allowed us to complete the most complex projects of all scale and sizes. Over the years, we have embodied the principles of honesty and transparency, and have guaranteed customer satisfaction in all projects we undertake.

In - House Maintenance

We have an in-house maintenance facility with the latest equipment and a dedicated team to handle all our maintenance needs.

Smart Fleet Card System

We have smart fleet card systems for all of our tankers and we also offer 3rd party HP smart fleet system.

Tracking Technologies

Our fleet of tankers is equipped with the most modern vehicle tracking systems to ensure live monitoring and optimized transportation.

Exclusive Partners

We are exclusive partners for companies like HPCl, IOCL. From finding customers with this specific need to taking orders on their behalf and transporting the final product, we do it all.

Nidhi Bulk Carrier

A sister company of Vivek Roadways, Nidhi Bulk Carrier is an end-to-end logistics company providing highly efficient transportation solutions. The organisation is capable enough and have completed projects of all scales and sizes.


Our Network

Our long-time road transport practices have created nationwide connectivity through heavy vehicle maintenance dealerships which help us in providing all the technical help in the countrywide road transportation. The onsite personnel for the vehicle placement responsible for carrying out day-to-day loading in major loading points such as (connecting points or pick-up drop-off points) is continuously connected with the headquarters to get regular updates of the material upliftment.
Vendors can save major time through supply chain practices and protocols developed because of the long-term practical onsite experience we have as a veteran logistic company. These practices and protocols are to be followed at various ports and inside the refinery.
012 3 4567890 01234 56 7890


012 3 4567890 01234 56 7890


Carting between refinery of different states PER YEAR:

  • 12000 Mt - HPCL
  • 20000 Mt - IOCL
  • 8000 Mt - BPCL

Logistics from refinery to customers:

  • 30000 Mt/ year

Our Logistics Partners




Our Clients

M/S. Amber Construction Co.

M/S. Katira Construction Co.

M/S. Tacon Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

M/S. Varun Construction Co.

M/S. Vipul K. Patel

M/S. Spiral Construction Corporate

L & T

Reliance, Jamnagar



Vadodara Corporation

Rajkot Corporation

Ahmedabad Corporation

Surat Corporation

Mumbai Corporation

Nashik Corporation

What our clients say
“Satisfactorily Supplied us Bitumen Emulsion RSI and crumb Rubber at our Adipur plant. Your Continous support and quality product has helped us build a long lasting roads.”
M/S Vipul K Patel
What our clients say
“Thank you for successfully supplying us Bitumen Emulsion RSI. We were satisfied with your product and Emulsion supplied by you is used by us for the road, building works. Your supply of material has helped us finish the projects in timely manner.”
Tacon Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
What our clients say
“It was such a pleasure to have a group like yours as our Bitumen Emulsion and PMB supplier.Not only did we appreiated your timely delivery and quality product as per our specifiation, but also getting to work with you was an added benefit. You are so professional and organised.”
Universal Construction

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